Positions Available

Materials Characterization Engineer:


Applicant should have a background and interest in basic materials science including crystallography (mainly FCC and HCP crystal structures) and the tools used to examine microstructures.  Prior training is not required but encouraged. The applicant will be trained on the use of electron microscopy including Secondary and Backscatter electron imaging as well as electron backscatter diffraction and energy dispersive spectroscopy.


The candidate will be expected to conduct materials characterization on a number of material types including, but not limited to metals, polymers, and composites.  The candidate will be expected to perform all material preparations to perform the required characterization including but not limited to mechanical grinding and polishing, chemical etching, and sputter coating as needed.  The candidate will have to work with and support current researchers as materials characterization will be performed in conjunction with mechanical testing to investigate material evolution. The candidate will also be responsible for assisting the lab manager in inventory and lab maintenance.

There is potential for the candidate to obtain internships and experience working with DOD and DOE labs.

This person will be doing the characterization and helping to interpret the data as needed, but should not be designing the experimental campaigns on their own

Mechanical Testing Engineer:


The applicant should have an interest in experimental mechanics, specifically in mechanical testing.  Prior experience in lab scale mechanical testing using equipment such as MTS or Instron load frame is encouraged but not required as the applicant will be trained on the required equipment as needed.  The applicant should have experience using Matlab and/or python.


The applicant will be expected work in conjunction with current researchers to run experiments as designed and directed.  The applicant will be required to be in the lab running experiments and gathering data every day.  Knowledge and skill in Matlab is required as the applicant may be expected to assist with basic data post-processing. The student will gain experience in using mechanical testing equipment as well as nondestructive evaluation equipment for the methods implemented in the experiments. The candidate will also be responsible for assisting the lab manager with conducting inventory and lab maintenance.

If interested in any of the following positions please contact  Prof. Kontsos: ak866@drexel.edu