Using modern characterization equipment, TAMG’s research in this area focuses on:

  • Microstructure quantification across length scales. Microstructural features including grain size, microcracks, twins, voids, phase volume fractions etc. play a crucial role in overall material performance. Microstructure is therefore a design parameter for modern materials development that is currently being monitored and characterized prior, during and after testing.
  • Microstructure-properties-behavior relationships. Understanding the relationship between specific microstructural variables and important material properties is sought in tailored multiscale experiments and simulations to model and predict material behavior.


Figure: Typical microstructures of materials that are investigated. (a) Example of a polymer matrix reinforced with nanodiamond (left) and polycrystalline Mg AZ31 alloy (right). (b) Important features identified from microstructural investigation including individual broken fibers in fiber-reinforced polymer composites (left), as well as twins (center) and twin activity (right) during deformation of metal alloys.

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